International Shooting Competition 9 XI 2008

Invitation and regulations of the International Shooting Competition

organised to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the retrieval of the independence of Poland

1. The organiser: The City Shooting Club LOK ( National Defence League) in cooperation with WKU.

2. Participants: All participants have to apply. The competotors use their own weapon and ammunition. For those competitors who do not have their own weapons, the organiser will provide weapons and ammunition, however it is chargeable. The participants are requested to apply before 01.11.2008, indicating whether they will need the organiser’s weapon.

3. Place and time: The competition will take place in Rybnik at the shooting gallery “Paruszowiec” on 09.11.2008 at 10.00. The starting fee is 40 PLN.

4. Disciplines:

a) machine gun (central ignition)

  • Position: prone, without support
  • Distance: 100m
  • Shots: 3 trial shots, time 2 minutes
  • 10 competition shots, time 1 minute
  • Target: 23 p
    A chance to gain the “kalashnikov” badge

b) pistol – revolver calibre 5,6 mm

  • Position: standing, one hand
  • Distance: 15 m
  • Shots: 8 shots in 2 minutes
  • 8 ratchet targets with the diameter of 11 cm.

c) pistol-revolver cal. 7,62 – 11,43 mm

  • Position: standing, both hands allowed
  • Distance: 15 m
  • Shots: 8 shots in 2 minutes
  • 8 ratchet targets of various sizes

d) skeets - smooth barrel rifle cal.12/70

  • 3 aims

Scoring in discipline ‘a’ – number of points, in disciplines ‘b’,’c’ and ‘d’ 10 points for hitting the aim

5. Classification: Individual according to the points reveived in all disciplines.

6. Rewards: Places 1-3 cups and diplomas, 4-6 diplomas

7. The organisation of the competition: The organiser provides the shooting gallery, rewards and a military meal.

8. Final resolutions: The competition will be held according to the rules and regulations for the shooting gallery issued by the President of Rybnik on 28 January 2002. The organiser reserves the right for the interpretation and changes in the regulation.


09 November 2008 (Saturday)
Arrival of the participants at the hotel “Politański” in Rybnik (before 6 p.m.)
7 p.m. a welcome dinner

10 November 2008 (Sunday)
8.00 a.m. breakfast
8.50 a.m. departure for the shooting gallery
10.00 a.m. opening ceremony
10.45 a.m. the beginning of the competition
approx. 4.00 p.m. the end of the competition
6.00 p.m. Rewarding and a formal dinner in the “Politański” hotel restaurant

11 November 2008 (Monday)
8.00 a.m. a farewell breakfast


Stay accordnig to the program: 200 PLN
Ammunition: 40 PLN
Starting fee: 40 PLN